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Providing Home Buyers With Peace of Mind.  A home inspection is a visual exam of the structure of a building and an evaluation of its systems. As a potential buyer of a home , condominium, townhome, or commercial building it is in your best interest to have it thoroughly inspected by an experienced, impartial and professional inspector. All American Home Inspections can provide a variety of thorough, accurate and complete inspection services in Southwest Florida. We can provide everything from an inspection of an entire property to an in-depth inspection of a specific system or component.

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When it comes to home inspections All American Home Inspections is a 5 Star company.  The thing that puts AAHI at the forefront is our flexibility, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

AAHI is veteran owned and operated.  We provide quick courteous service.  Reports are normally returned within 24 hours.  Not only do we do home inspections, but also inspect pools and equipment, docks, boat lifts and seawalls.  We also provide wind mitigation and 4-point inspection to get those extra credits driving your home insurance down.  AAHI also provides Infrared Thermography at no additional cost.  This is just another layer of protection for the home buyer’s peace of mind.  

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Remember we are working for you, the home buyer, to ensure you are making an informed decision when buying your home.    

Our Services

Home Inspection


 Pre-Closing Inspectios Includes

  • Structural Components - foundation, walls, trusses/rafters, truss plates, hurricane straps, etc.
  • Exterior - walks, driveways, walls, windows, doors, trim, fascia, flashing, roofing, decks, balconies, grading, drainage, etc.
  • Plumbing Systems - water supply systems including all fixtures and faucets, water heaters, drain/waste systems, etc.
  • Electrical - electrical panels, outlets, polarity, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), wiring, etc.
  • Interior - walls, trim, ceilings, floors, cabinets, stairs, railings, etc.
  • Appliances - washer, dryer, dishwasher, range, cook top, ventilation hood, microwave oven, disposal. etc.
  • Attic - ventilation, water penetration, insulation, trusses/rafters, etc.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Components - condensing units, air handlers, ducts, condensate drain lines, thermostats, humidistats, etc.

Wind Mitigation Inspection



A Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection, is required by your homeowner's insurance company to calculate all of your home’s discounts. The insurance company uses the report to determine how well your home will do if a hurricane should come to the area. Some of the items looked at are the age of the roof covering, the roof shape, what's holding your roof on to your home, and if you have hurricane shutters/ windows, this is the document you need to prove them for insurance.

4 Point Inspection


A four point inspection report is requested by your homeowner's insurance company if your house was built prior to a certain year (usually 30 years). It shows the insurance underwriter whether your home's vital systems (electrical, plumbing, air conditioner, roof, and water heater) have been upgraded or no

Additional services

Pool / Spa Inspection


A pool inspection will evaluate the pool shell for cracks or staining, the circulation of the jets, electrical system, heating and filtering systems along with their components.  

Roof Certifications / Inspection


Roof inspections are used by insurance companies to estimate the life expectancy of the roof. 

Seawall / Docks / Boat Lifts



What we inspect on seawalls includes but not limited to:

  • visual inspection of any soil loss or erosion behind the wall
  • visual inspection of any tilting or leaning of seawall panels
  • visual inspection for the degradation or spalling of the concrete seawalls and or caps
  • inspection of the visible portions of the toe of the seawall from land
  • visual inspection of rip-rap


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